Monday, February 19, 2007

The Direction of Causality

Henri Bergson: “The universe is a machine for the making of gods.”


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[1] The word kost (taste), with its double meaning, is appropriate to a table d'hote; it, moreover, is in place through the special sense in the dream.. system needed some qualities of its own which could attract consciousness, and most probably received them through the connection of the foreconscious processes with the memory system of the signs of speech, which is not devoid of qualities.. Prue had laid her work in her lap, and as Titbottom paused a moment, and I turned towards her, I found her mild eyes fastened upon my face, and glistening with happy tears.. I'd be delighted to help you move the things, don't you know.. This canteen (with a funnel on its top like a cavalier cap slouched over the eyes) was set on edge upon the puncheon, with the hole toward myself; and through this hole, which seemed puckered up like the mouth of a very precise old maid, the creature was emitting certain rumbling and grumbling noises which he evidently intended for intelligible talk.. Ma, said Jane Watkinson, you had better tell him what speech to speak.. He had just opened the door and the moonlight streamed over him as he stood, turning back to us.. But analysis discovers that, in many other dreams in whose manifest content nothing erotic can be found, the work of interpretation shows them up as, in reality, realization of sexual desires; whilst, on the other hand, that much of the thought-making when awake, the thoughts saved us as surplus from the day only, reaches presentation in dreams with the help of repressed erotic desires.. Gardens teeming with fruit and flowers; flocks quietly feeding; birds wheeling and chirping.. He flicked away the dust from his spotless white trousers and varnished boots with his handkerchief, and settled his black cravat under his Byron collar as he neared his office.. It was sufficient to have come to his own land; the actual walls of home could wait.. There were, of course, many other observations which Freud made while dissecting the dreams of his patients, but not all of them present as much interest as the foregoing nor were they as revolutionary or likely to wield as much influence on modern psychiatry.. By day it lighted the fractional floor space of a little stationer, who supplemented a slim business by a sub-agency for railroad and steamship lines; but to-night this window seemed the framework of a marvel of coincidence.. What should I want coarse-hand for? said the disciple, with great contempt; coarse-hand won't never do me no good.. The company into which Elder Brown had fallen was what is known as first-class.. Your client? Do you mean you have taken her case? You, the counsel for the Ditch Company? said Mr.. Brede was in my wife's arms, sobbing as if her young heart would break.. The freckle-faced boy was thinking of the village over the hill, a certain pleasant white house set back in a green yard, past whose gate, the two-plank sidewalk ran.. If we had before us the unconscious wishes, brought to their last and truest expression, we should still do well to remember that more than one single form of existence must be ascribed to the psychic reality.. Hence I may say, in general, that an hysterical symptom originates only where two contrasting wish-fulfillments, having their source in different psychic systems, are able to combine in one expression...

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